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Experience matters, as does planning.  In addition to pulling in appropriate tax and legal professionals, many business and family decisions will need to be analyzed, projected, modeled, and negotiated.  If done properly, the process will help you with determining your best course of action, identifying your best strategic and financial alternatives, and organizing the execution of your plan.

Analyze and evaluate.          Develop solutions.          Implement.

Consulting services provided by CJN Advisors support the creation and pursuit of a strategic plan.  Each plan defines directions in the short-term to fulfill long-term goals within a defined timeline, consistent with a vison, that are financially feasible, profitable, and will increase your return on investment.  Allow our extensive experience to assist you with:

  • Family Business.  Family-owned businesses face more challenges than other businesses.  Analysis and solutions must also consider issues such as estate planning, succession planning, family governance, and conflict resolution.

  • Finance.  Help align financial goals with all tactical short-term goals and strategic long-term objectives.  This may include structuring, analysis, raising debt or equity capital, mergers and acquisitions, scaling into new markets, and more.

  • Operations.  Assist with optimizing internal processes and infrastructure of the business, including corporate structure, Board, management, operations, and teams.

  • Real Estate.  Location is still a critical decision for all companies.  Negotiations and decisions have long-term consequences, and should only be executed after evaluation of many factors.

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