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Share Your Plans

In life, we must make a lot of decisions. Some are good, some are bad; many impact others, and all have consequences.

To move forward, we need a plan. Regardless of where we are today, we must answer the question, “What are we going to do now?” Makes no difference what has happened in the past – we can’t change that. We make a plan, know what we need, begin the journey, and know what is expected/desired at the end. When things don’t go exactly as planned, then we must decide how/when/what to adjust. More answers may lead to more decisions, but we have a purpose and are driven to achieve it.

Can you say the same for your company? Do your employees know your purpose, know your plans? Do they know what you need or what they can contribute? As things change, are they made aware of the changes necessary to be made in order for them to help you accomplish your goals?

Ask them. If they don’t know the standard you have set to determine success, or the plans you have to get there, or how they can help, then ask yourself, “Why are they working for me?” Because if they don’t know the first part, they will never know the second part – and nobody wins when that happens.

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